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Privacy & Safety

Gaintart will not share your personal data (delivery/invoice address, phone number, etc.) used during shopping with any other organizations or institutions. For a convenient shopping experience, some data are stored on your membership account with your consent. 

This data shall only be used to complete your order more securely and faster. Gaintart undertakes to take all the necessary precautions and show the reasonable effort to keep your personal data strictly private, undertake this as a confidentiality obligation, ensure and sustain privacy and prevent full or partial unauthorized use, public use, or disclosure to a third party of the confidential information. 

Gaintart reserves the right to disclose this data under related legal framework when legally and officially demanded by all administrative, legal or other official authorities.

Wholesale Inquiries

Thank you for showing your interest in Gaintart. Please reach us at to submit your request including your company name, contact information and website.

Please note that the minimum order is $2500. 

We appreciate your business and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

You can make your purchases with credit or debit cards.

-There is no payment option at the door.

- Payment via wire transfer or EFT is not possible.

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